Caffeine – is it good for reduction of muscle soreness

In addition to its famous stimulating properties, recent studies have reported another very interesting property of caffeine: it would reduce the stiffness and thus improve recovery after training.

Caffeine could be very useful to push further his workout is his main interest. However, although caffeine use may have another use: to reduce soreness.

According to Jose Antonio, Ph.D., C.S.C.S., program director and associate professor of exercise and sport science at Nova Southeastern University, it’s safe to consume 5 milligrams (mg) of caffeine per kilogram of bodyweight before a workout to help improve your strength and endurance. So, for example, if you weigh 120 pounds, that equals out to 272 mg—almost three cups of coffee (one cup has about 100 mg).

In this case

A recent study shows that a moderate intake of caffeine (about 2 small cups of coffee) can reduce muscle soreness after exertion. According to this study, the group taking caffeine saw his pain decrease of more than 50%!

The study is still young and suffers from some disadvantages: it has been conducted on a small group, study participants were all women and it is based only on people who never drink coffee . It is thus unclear whether the effects are the same for men and more generally on people who used to drink coffee.

However, this finding is encouraging, even if it needs to be followed by further studies to confirm the conclusion of this 1 analysis.

In the case of stiffness, the mode of action of caffeine is twofold:

– It seems that caffeine may block adenosine receptors tangible, a chemical released into the body due to inflammation;

– Activation of the blood can drain faster waste and lactic acid present in muscle, while increasing the intake of nutrients needed to rebuild damaged tissue.

If this is confirmed, it could be very interesting for practitioners of body building, allowing to reduce the duration of stiffness, thus possibly increasing the frequency of your workouts.

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