Fat Burning – 6 easy Secrets in my opinion

Fat Burning

There are various kinds of theories and fat burning secrets. It is essential to note that theories which are only based on dieting or exercising do not work as well as the combination of both. With decrease in the amount of fat in the body and burning of calories through exercise is the best proven way of loosing weight. Diet is an essential part of the fat burning process because even though you may loose weight through exercising the process can be slowed down if the intake of calories is more than what you burn out. Let we see this Fat Burning – 6 easy Secrets:


Fat Burning diet

Diet also affects the metabolic rate of the body. Starving, infrequent meals and consumption of too many calories slow down the process of fat burning. It is true that exercises increase the metabolic rate of the body but only for a certain time period. If the body is not provided food during frequent intervals then the metabolic rate gradually slows down. It also results in fatigue and tiredness which can be detrimental to the general health of the body in the long run. Hence it is vital to provide the body with requisite food and nutrition along with exercises.

Simple tips to burn fat

There are various simple tips to burn fat. These include a combination of exercises along with diet. For example, eating a light lunch of salad and juices combined with a walk after the same keeps your metabolic rate going. There are fewer calories being consumed also and this can be a mini work out after the sedentary office job.

Easy exercise for everyday

Fat Burning exercise

There are various exercise tips which can be done every day. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is the best example of the same. Walking instead of taking a ride is also good for the health. During office hours you should try to get up from the chair and just stretch your legs or stretch the shoulders and arms. This avoids the body from getting stationary for a long time.

Lunch from home – important part of result?

Fat Burning food

It is also suggested to take the lunch from home instead of eating out. Fewer temptations help in loosing weight faster. Try and get salads and raw fruits. Find a good juice parlor at a little distance from work so that you can walk down and enjoy a nice shake or healthy drink. Say no to cream and added sugar or sweeteners.

Roasted nuts or Soya in your pocket

Eating frequently rather than after long hours helps to burn food faster. So keep roasted nuts or Soya snacks handy at work or home. Fruits are ideal for controlling hunger pangs. Drinking plenty of water also helps in the same and it flushes out toxins also.

Summary Fat Burning – 6 easy Secrets

Controlling the binge is vital or all weight loss and fat burning efforts go wasted. Hence one day in a week, may be a Sunday, should be set aside as the binging day. Eat all that you like on this one day and don’t do any exercises. This will help you to last the week without regrets. Exercises should be changed along with food patterns to break the monotony. Wheat pasta and bread can be included in the diet.

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