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How to walk to lose weight – advice and instructions

If you are not an avid workout fan, then walking is the best way to start an exercise regime that can help keep you trim as well as get your blood pumping and body healthier. If you want it to, walking can also lead to further more vigorous exercise by getting your body used to more activity by using muscles that are not otherwise engaged when leading a sedentary lifestyle. It’s a good begining – walk to lose weight.

Many people tell me they don’t like to exercise because it is boring and I can see their point, though it’s nothing some decent tunes can’t sort out. If you’re like me however, you choose a gym that has TV and only workout when Come Dine With Me is on (great way to stay motivated!) With walking, you are moving at a slower pace which can be filled with stuff to keep you interested and occupied. You can multi task as such, but you are still exercising.

Good music = productive walk to lose weight

If you do like your music, make sure you have a playlist that motivates you. I listen to classic rock and old soul and it makes me feel good and spirited and glad to be outside. Choose something with a good upbeat tempo, the faster you walk, the better it is for you. P.S. we have an article about motivation and losing weight

Walk to lose weight with friends

Walking is also a great way to workout with friends and I don’t mean smiling across the room as you both kill yourselves on a bosu ball. If once a week you walk to lose weight with a friend, not only do you get fresh air and exercise you get a lovely excuse for a catch up. Team sports are great too, but 5 minutes between halves does not lend to enough minutes for gossiping about Matt in accounts.

Other reasons walking is the perfect exercise? It’s all in the scenery! You can walk absolutely anywhere. If you live in a town or near the heart of a city, sometimes a little window shopping can be a great motivation to get out of the house and have a little walk up and down the high street. If you need a bit more space and some greener pastures, drive or catch the bus to a more remote destination and enjoy the beautiful scenery your locale has to offer. Just remember to play safe, don’t go outside of your comfort levels, if you intend to walk in the dark, remember your mobile phone, tell someone where you are going or better still, walk with a friend.

How many calories take one hour walk?

Walking can of course also help you lose weight, though if this is your only exercise then it may take a little while to see changes to the body. Walking at a moderate pace for one hour will shift about 260 calories dependent on your weight. Therefore combined with a healthy eating plan and when done regularly, walking really can help keep you in shape. Just bear in mind that your heart rate will not be increased to a level that benefits the body. Remember, raising your hear rate just 50% can mean that most of the calories you burn come direct from fat stores, so try if you can to keep a good pace when walking.

Other great reasons to walk more include working out the lungs, toning and stretching the muscles, clearing the mind and finding time to think, refreshing the mind and body (especially if you have time to walk during work), the choice to go at your own pace and of course, the piece de resistance for all us walkers – not having to visit a gym!!

P.S. Before walking please watch this funny video. Good emotions influence better on your body =D

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